Japanese brand Magic Ink Glass body mini marker package
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Magic Ink Mini

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  • -bright, translucent ink
  • -8mm chisel tip
  • -3.5 x 1 x 1”
  • -refillable, gravity fed, glass body
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These pocket-sized Magic Ink Minis are filled with fast-drying, oil-based ink that's water and UV resistant. The glass body is refillable and comes with an 8 mm chisel tip nib. Without a pump-action valve, these gravity-fed minis are always juiced and ready to write. A Blankslaps all-time favorite.
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Product vid coming soon. Stay tuned.
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@jaytums 7/9/2020

Add one of these to your cart right now. This shit right here. The Japanese know how to make a marker. And they've outdone themselves with this one.
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